Tuesday, October 16, 2012

While it's been over 2 weeks since I got back from my Trip to Disney World with My Mom and Sister. We had a Blast. There is a big difference in going with out kids. I love spending time with my boys but come on all the whining that comes with it at a theme park. That is why I told my 5 year we will not go back until he is a little older. It was also nice to do grown up stuff.
We were able to hit all the theme parks and pretty much walk on the rides. We never got a chance to go on the Rock n Roller coaster. We even spent a day shopping.
Now the real reason why we went out was to run the Tower of Terror 10 miler. My sister and I always said we would run a disney race. This was a chance to run at night. Haven't done that before (in a race). Now this is by far the biggest race I have ran with 10000 people. I was lucky and I was in the first group of 2500 to go. It must have been my night. I got a PR of 1:37. Now to some that might not seem fast but for me getting that many miles at average 9:30 a mile was great!! I hope to get a 5k under 9min a mile, but that is for another day.
This last picture is us waiting. I have never waited as long as we did to start a race. About 2 an half hours worth. I'm sure that is to make sure everyone is there, but really? The park was open till 4am, I was just tired and ready to go back after the race was over. We did try to go on a ride but didn't want to wait 30 min. to do so. I heard it wasn't pretty going on rides with some of the other fellow runs.
This is me all finish after crossing the finish line. I was soaked from head to toe. It was a warm evening 80 with high humidity. Still can't believe my time. And I place in the top 10% what?? 897 overall and I think 69 in age group. There were a lot of 35- 40 year olds running. I'm pretty happy with my results.
Now would I do it again, sure why not it was fun. Don't know about anytime soon as it is pretty costly. But I enjoyed getting a vacation and spending time with My Mom and Sister.

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