Tuesday, October 16, 2012

While it's been over 2 weeks since I got back from my Trip to Disney World with My Mom and Sister. We had a Blast. There is a big difference in going with out kids. I love spending time with my boys but come on all the whining that comes with it at a theme park. That is why I told my 5 year we will not go back until he is a little older. It was also nice to do grown up stuff.
We were able to hit all the theme parks and pretty much walk on the rides. We never got a chance to go on the Rock n Roller coaster. We even spent a day shopping.
Now the real reason why we went out was to run the Tower of Terror 10 miler. My sister and I always said we would run a disney race. This was a chance to run at night. Haven't done that before (in a race). Now this is by far the biggest race I have ran with 10000 people. I was lucky and I was in the first group of 2500 to go. It must have been my night. I got a PR of 1:37. Now to some that might not seem fast but for me getting that many miles at average 9:30 a mile was great!! I hope to get a 5k under 9min a mile, but that is for another day.
This last picture is us waiting. I have never waited as long as we did to start a race. About 2 an half hours worth. I'm sure that is to make sure everyone is there, but really? The park was open till 4am, I was just tired and ready to go back after the race was over. We did try to go on a ride but didn't want to wait 30 min. to do so. I heard it wasn't pretty going on rides with some of the other fellow runs.
This is me all finish after crossing the finish line. I was soaked from head to toe. It was a warm evening 80 with high humidity. Still can't believe my time. And I place in the top 10% what?? 897 overall and I think 69 in age group. There were a lot of 35- 40 year olds running. I'm pretty happy with my results.
Now would I do it again, sure why not it was fun. Don't know about anytime soon as it is pretty costly. But I enjoyed getting a vacation and spending time with My Mom and Sister.

Friday, September 14, 2012

This is what happens when you miss out on a friends redneck party you get egged.
Good thing they were plastic eggs.And yes those are wiggs on those eggs, silly. I have some crazy friends. They say it was for Cody since he is the Bishop. I better start going to all the parties or else I can see this happening alot.lol
These last two pictures are of my boys being silly. Riley and Blaze.

9/11 memorial stairclimb Dallas

on Saturday september 8 Cody took part in a 9/11 memorial stair climb in Dallas,TX. Along with 94 other firemen units. Their challenge was to climb 110 flights of stair in honor of those firemen who sacrificed their lives trying to rescue those still in the twins towers not knowing that the towers were about to fall. Each fireman represnted a fallen hero. I was so proud of Cody for taking on that challenge.
Blaze was the Brave soul who woke up with us at 5:30am to go to Dallas. My other boys slept in. Oh well.
Going up the stairs
Blaze trying his best at the bounce house
All done and wiped out
Proud Dad and son Here is the some of the Melissa Fire Department. Maybe we will make it a yearly thing?
They are all wiped out, but was so worth it
Blaze furture firemen??? It was a great day seeing firemen from all over Texas come together for one day to pay tribute to those who have fallen. Only firemen go running in when everyone else is running away, true hero's!!
A day we should never forget. Side note Cody has been serving the Melissa Fire department for 9 years. He is a Captian and loves serving the citzens of Melissa, Texas.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I know I know its been ages since I've posted anything. Mostly due to the fact once summer starts my boys seem to take over the computer. So with yesterday being the first day of school here I am getting back into the swing of things. Talking about first day of school. It was a bitter sweet day for me yesterday. My baby Blaze started Kindergaten. I thought he would be the hardest one yet to go to school, but he surprised me and went right in and got to work.
I love that boy. Dylan started his Junior year in High school, Jacob 8th grade year and Riley his 6th grade year. They all seemed to enjoy their teachers. Here is hoping it will be a great year. Now as for me it is pretty quite around the house even with me taking care of 3-4 kiddos. When it is nap time, man it is super quite. I need to find some projects to do around the house so I'm not bored out of my mind. Maybe pinterest will spark some ideas.
Here is Blaze and Riley. Oh boy Riley better start growing or else his little brother is going to catch up with him. Good thing Riley is a cutie!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Successful Picture Time

Thanks to my friend Delaine, who willing took our family pictures. They turned out great this time. Here are some samples.

They each brought their individual personalities to the pictures. Jacob my ham, with Riley following with fake teeth in some of the pictures. And we cannot forget Dyaln with the no I not going to smile. Even Cody got into being silly.

Love my family.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Texas Jailbreak

So a friend of mine ask me if I would be interested in running the Texas jailbreak? I knew this race was all about getting muddy and going through obstacles. I said why not. I had so much fun, and it's not your typical race. Sure if you want you can try to run as fast as you can, but it is hard with mud caked on your shoes, lines of people struggling to get over or up obstacles. So I just enjoyed my time and got muddy. People are so friendly and helpful. I had one obstacle that I stuggled with. I climb to the top of this rope thing. Once at the top you are supposed to swing around to the other side and come down. Well I just couldn't figure out how to get over to the other side, I almost gave up, but a guy coached me over. That was my only mishap. So next time I run it , I might know what I'm doing.

Before I got all muddy.

Let the fun begin

Climbing over a hay barrel.

Coming in!!!

One last time to get muddy, then here is my end result. Total time with 15 obstacles 56:02. Not to bad since I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Plus some of the obstacles you come up to have a line waiting to go over. So this is just a fun time and a chance to play in the nud. Next year I getting Cody to do it with me!!